About TPCC


The Touisset Point Community Club aims to develop community feeling through social and sporting events, to help members work together for common goals, and to maintain the Club’s property.

The Touisset Point Community

Touisset Point is the land bordered on the South by Mount Hope Bay, on the West by the Kickemuit River, on the East by the Coles River, and on the North by Barton Lane. Primarily a summer community for many decades, it is now the year-round home for most residents. The Touisset Point Community Club serves its members as a place for them to gather and enjoy each other’s company, and is instrumental in forging long-lasting friendships and a warm community spirit.


The Touisset Point Community Club (TPCC) is a non-profit, dues-based, private membership organization composed of individuals and families who own and/or live in residences within the Touisset Point area of Warren, Rhode Island.

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What TPCC Offers

The Touisset Point Community Club consists of a seasonal clubhouse, and a small adjacent building known as the Rural Station that’s open year-round for Club activities. In addition, the TPCC property includes a basketball court, softball field, three tennis courts, playground, and community garden. The summer season, running from late June to the end of September, is when most Club activities and events take place. Focused on frequent adult social gatherings and sporting activities, TPCC also offers many activities and events for members’ children, including an adult-supervised camp from Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tennis lessons for both adults and children are offered during the week from a resident tennis pro. The TPCC thrives on member participation.  Every member is encouraged to get involved, whether by chairing a committee or helping with an event or function; hosting a Coffee Hour, a Happy Hour, or a Pot Luck supper; coaching softball; or just plain pitching in when needed.  Member involvement is the lifeblood of the Club.


The Club’s Board of Governors consists of four elected Officers – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, nine other elected Club members and the immediate Past President. The Board of Governors has the ultimate responsibility of carrying out the wishes of the Club’s members and manages Club affairs, including Club property, funds, and finances.  The Club, via the Board, operates with a committee structure. Elected board members traditionally chair committees that also include Club members.