General Information

This page was last updated on July 17, 2023

BYLAWS: Copies of the Amended Bylaws of the Community Club of Touisset Point (amended 1 September 2021) are available to any Club member. They are posted on the Club website and the Member Directory.

BOARD OF GOVERNORS & OFFICERS (see Bylaws, Article II): The Board of Governors consists of the following: President (1 year), Vice President (1 year), Treasurer (unspecified term), Secretary (2 years), Immediate Past President (1 year) and nine other Governors (2-years).

COMMITTEES: There are, currently, eleven standing committees in the Club: Adult Social, Buildings, Communications, Finance (chaired by the Treasurer), Grounds, Membership, Preservation (President is Board liaison), Recreation, Sailing, Tennis, Waterfront. The Nominating Committee (chaired by the Vice President) is an ad hoc committee that develops a slate of nominees for expiring Board positions. If you would like to join one or more of these committees, please contact the appropriate Board member as listed on the website and the Club calendar.

MEMBERSHIP: (see Bylaws, Article I)

Membership Eligibility: Residents who own and/or live in a home within the Touisset Point area of Warren, RI, are eligible for membership. This area comprises all homes from the corner of Touisset Road and Barton Avenue to the southernmost section of Touisset Point along Mount Hope Bay and the Kickemuit River.

Membership Applications: Applications are available from the President or the Membership Committee under Join on the Club’s website Applicants must be sponsored by a Club member in good standing. A majority vote of the Board of Governors elects a new member.

Membership Categories:

Family Membership: Provides all services for a couple or a family with minor (age 25 or younger) children. This is a full membership with social and voting privileges.

Single Membership: Provides all services for a single, adult individual. This is a full membership with social and voting privileges.

Senior Membership: Provides all services for a senior individual or a couple in which at least one of the partners is over 65. This is a full membership with social and voting privileges.

Please Note: All members in all the categories noted above are subject to Capital Fees.

Sustaining/TPWT Only Membership: Provides no services or rights to use the Club facilities other than the purchase of water from the Touisset Point Water Trust. (TPWT) Note: Owners of more than one property using water from the Trust must pay dues for each property, only one of which may be covered by the payment of full membership dues and fees. Sustaining Memberships are not subject to an Initiation Fee or to Capital Fees and are not voting or social members of TPCC.

Current Annual Dues:
Family – $220
Individual (single adult) – $150
Senior 65+ (single) – $125
Senior 65+ (couple) – $150
Capital Expenditures Fee* – $110 (paid annually by all members in addition to dues)
Sustaining/TPWT Only – $125

All dues and fees are payable on or before June 1. Dues paid by members joining after September 1 will apply to the following year.

*The Capital Expenditures Fee goes to the Capital Fund utilized for non-routine capital expenses such as building renovations, tennis and basketball court repairs, and other major expenditures not covered by annual dues. The Capital Fund may also be used for the purchase of land. Capital Fund expenditures are determined by the Board.

Guests from within the Membership area: While residents within the membership area and their children are welcome to attend up to three events as guests of a Club member, they are encouraged to join as full members of the Club.

Leave of Absence: A member in good standing may apply for one or more full years leave of absence to the TPCC President prior to June 1. The Board of Governors must vote to approve or deny the leave. No dues or fees are paid during the term of the leave.


The Club owns and maintains three tennis courts, located between George and Coggeshall Streets, south of the softball field. The courts are for the exclusive use of Club members and their guests. Tennis lessons, a children’s tennis team, and various special adult and children’s tennis events and tournaments are available throughout the summer.

Tennis Court Rules
Courts are for the exclusive use of Club members and their guests.

  • Appropriate tennis wear, including shirts and non-marking tennis shoes, is required. No other footwear including, but not limited to, flip-flops, boots, or leather-soled shoes are allowed on the courts.
  • Only tennis and pickle balls are allowed on the courts. Pets, bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, basketballs, and soccer balls are not allowed on the courts.
  • Gates are kept closed at all times so that animals cannot stray into the court area.
  • If people are waiting for courts, play is limited to 1 hour for singles and 1 ½ hours for doubles.
  • After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, players under 18 must relinquish courts to adults if no other courts are available.
  • Paid instruction is only provided by Club-authorized TPCC Tennis Pro(s).
  • The backboard may not be used if all three courts are in use.
  • The court nearest George Street is kept free for adult use on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The rules of common courtesy and tennis etiquette must be followed at all times by both players and spectators while in the court area. Wait until play has stopped to cross a court, and then cross only on the area outside the court lines.
  • During peak season (May – October), court time must be reserved in advance using the court reservation app.

Please Note: As our Club is run and maintained by volunteers, all members are expected to assist in enforcing the Club rules on the tennis courts and all other areas.

Adult (18 and older) Weekly Events: Scheduled tennis clinics, doubles tennis and other events are listed on the Club calendar, available in print form and on the website.

Youth Tennis Program
Group Tennis Lessons – Group lessons are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings. Children are placed in small groups according to age and ability allowing each child to get the most benefit from the program.
TPCC Tennis Team – Juniors interested in competition can participate on the TPCC Tennis Team, which plays matches against other area tennis clubs.

Private Tennis Lessons: 2023 Season TPCC Tennis Pro Tim Murphy is available to teach private lessons by appointment: telephone or email.


The Club maintains a dock and two swimming floats on the Kickemuit River at the cove at the end of Touisset Road. The dock, floats and beach are for the exclusive use of Club members and their guests. Nothing may be left overnight on the floats or in the Cove area in general.

Parking and Trash:
There is no parking at the Cove or on either side of Touisset Road approaching the Cove. Members using the swim area may park on the Club field, on the edge of Coggeshall Street, directly across from the Clubhouse. There are no trash receptacles at the Cove. Members and guests must take trash with them when they leave.

Dock, Float & Beach Rules:

  • Swimming is at your own risk. There are no lifeguards. Parents are responsible for supervising their children’s activities on the dock, floats and beach.
  • No running, shoving, or general horseplay on the floats or the ramp.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the dock, floats or beach.
  • Boats are strictly prohibited from picking up or dropping off passengers at the swimming floats.

Please Note: As our Club is run and maintained by volunteers, all members are expected to assist in enforcing the Club rules on the dock, float and beach and all other common Club areas.


The Club’s basketball court, softball field and volleyball field are for the exclusive use of members and their guests. These fields may be rented by members for private parties, as long as no Club events are scheduled.

Basketball Court and Softball & Volleyball Fields Rules

  • Basketball play using basketballs is the primary purpose of the basketball courts. Other play may be allowed under adult Club member supervision.
  • No bicycles, scooters, skateboards or any sharp metal objects or glass are allowed on the basketball courts
  • Use of the courts and playing fields is strictly prohibited after 9 p.m. and before 8 a.m.
  • The rules of good sportsmanship and common courtesy must be adhered to at all times.

Please Note: As our Club is run and maintained by volunteers, all members are expected to assist in enforcing the Club rules on the basketball court and softball and volleyball fields and all other common Club areas.


The Clubhouse and Rural Station buildings are used primarily by Club members for the benefit of Club members at the discretion of the President.

Clubhouse & Rural Station Rules

  • No bicycles, scooters, or skateboards are allowed in the Clubhouse, the Rural Station, or on the Clubhouse deck.
  • All Clubhouse and Rural Station doors are locked, lights are turned off and furniture, equipment and appliances are returned to their appropriate places and functioning condition after any use.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse, Rural Station or on the Clubhouse deck.

Please Note: As our Club is run and maintained by volunteers, all members are expected to assist in enforcing the Clubhouse and Rural Station rules and at all other common Club areas.

Clubhouse Rental: The Clubhouse may be rented by Club members for private functions or parties, at the discretion of the President and with the knowledge of the Board of Governors, as long as there are no scheduled Club activities. Members must review and sign the Rental Agreement available on the Club website in the Members section or from 2023 Clubhouse Rental Coordinator, Kyle Ledoux (see Rentals). The Clubhouse is available for rentals only while water service is on (April 15 through October 15). The Renter must follow the clean-up and lock-up guidelines posted in the kitchen. The Club member responsible for the rental must be in attendance for the entire function and is responsible for the Clubhouse and its contents during the rental period.